Singapore Orchard Road

Singapore Orchard Road


It's been a while ever since i visited Orchard Road with oh my gosh, so yesterday,we spent couple of hours walking down Orchard Road, taking refuge from your bristling heat within the comfortable air-cooled malls, "shopping centre hopping" from one retail center to a new. Fu Lu Shou Complex Singapore

Orchard road is not only a fantastic location for shopping, it's also a location to watch some interesting street-side busking. There were quite a lot of people hawking their wares, from selling tissues papers to ice-creams that have been very common in Orchard Road. My Dear and I also caught sight of an old woman selling quite unconventional items on Orchard road: packets of Milo and a few other dry snacks presented neatly over a mat. It would appear that they were her only possessions left that they wished to industry to earn some money for a living.

There were other buskers being a blind man playing real soothing music, earning living from donations of passers by. There was clearly additionally a most unconventional busker as you can see in the photo below:

Should i be not mistaken, what the old man was performing was "Kung Fu ball" and before he made an appearances and caught attention of passers-by, We have read somewhere in the newspapers which he has been practicing his craft in a park somewhere within the island. Having perfected his skills, he's come here to execute and produce a living.

While there have been teenagers performing some stunts in Orchard road about the streets for fun and earn some pocket monies, from what I observe, most of the older and physically-challenged personnel have learned to Orchard way to sell items and food, perform antics, music or some skills under the hot sun to make money. If given a selection, inside their age, do they really want to brave and endure the bristling hot sun, extreme humidity and trade every ounce of these remaining strength inside their ripe own age everyday at Orchard road?

Tourists may welcome this facet of Orchard road which presents a much more unique side of Singapore. Another place commonly visited by tourists where street busking is rife is Bencoolen Street, the stretch of pavement leading from Fu Lu Shou complex to OG and Fortune shopping centre at Bugis. There, the stuntmen are generally from China, and there are a lot more interesting acts daily. I've caught some stuntmen attracting snakes before, promising a miracle cure for the onlookers, who have been manufactured from uncles and aunties within their fifties to seventies. There, the stunt, as befitting the theme of Waterloo Street is more orient-centric.

Anyway, I welcome these unique street busking aside for the a huge selection of shopping centres Singapore now boasts. There would be much more shopping centres coming up, at heartlands come later this year. As an example, Bedok has decided to use a brand new retail center called Bedok Point. Fu Lu Shou Complex Singapore